Breast Cancer Awareness beauty: Elemis

Beauty product for Breast Cancer Awareness Month are everywhere with magazine pages filled with pink inspired beauty collections. Here’s one I like by Elemis: Sparkling Beauty Collection, limited edition for October. Inside the snazzy pink bag, there are pieces in special pink packaging, of course, including one of my favourite Elemis products, Skin Bliss Capsules – little ampoules of facial oil to soothe and rejuvenate skin.

I’ve also popped up the ingredients promise by Elemis, which says certain products are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, artificial colours and silicones. According to the press office, all future products will carry this promise. While it isn’t a certification by a regulatory body, it’s still a great move in terms of cleaning up formulations from unnecessary ingredients.

Back to the Sparkling Collection – you save a ton of money (priced at £50 but worth over £90) and with it comes the Elemis pledge of £10,000 to Breast Cancer Care, so that’s double the benefits.

Sparkling Beauty Collection, £50 at


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