Can a massage bust your fat?

Elemis-cellutox-body-concentrateLast week I tried two massages designed to pummel away my cellulite. The first one: a heavy duty, all hands-elbows-knuckles, sumo-style massage at Neville Hair & Beauty in Chelsea, London; the second:  a slightly more holistic experience at Elemis Day Spa in Central London.

While I’m no slimmer, a lymphatic drainage massage has a great effect on cranking circulation into gear and is worth any discomfort. I’m no wimp when it comes to body treatments – I have regular sports treatments with the most bruising of sports masseurs – but Tetyana at Neville’s came a close second as she kneaded my thighs until they were red hot and then used cupping to blast circulation even more.

Krisztina in NW London is another masseur with a ‘firm’ yet healing touch – she incorporates more emotional healing with her treatments though and definitely worth a booking in with (

Back to fat. The task at hand was to find ‘instantly slimming tricks’ for Women’s Fitness magazine. Tetyana’s persistent pummelling would reap benefits after a few sessions a week I’m sure – coupled with exercise of course – but the Elemis Body Sculpting and Cellulite Colon Therapy gave me a flatter tummy literally the next day. That was thanks to some firm prods around the belly which basically shifted everything around. So thumbs up there.

At home, I religiously reach for the body oil post shower and massage it in firmly, pretending I’m on the massage bed just without the bruises at the end. Eventually it all adds up and you end up with smooth skin all the time, leaving  you with less need to visit sadistic massage therapists too.


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