Winter soft skin – Is it really possible?

Akin Instant Radiance Masque

Soft winter skin – sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it. But fear not, it is possible. Plenty of oil-rich products morning and night will definitely help – and try a mask too – this Instant Radiance Facial Masque from A’kin perhaps.

I’m not a great fan of masks but this one was comfortingly soft and moisturising. Its creaminess is the first draw and then once you’ve left it on for about five minutes, you’ll notice half of it has disappeared into skin, leaving you with soft cheeks to touch.

What’s in it? Lots of fruit acids (AHAs) to help smooth skin, hyaluronic acid (a moisturising agent), rosehip seed and pomegranate extract for a radiance and hydration and tons of other gorgeous ingredients for seriously soft skin.

How often to smother onto skin? As often as you like. The label recommends “before a special occasion or as part of your weekly beauty regime”.

Available at health food stores and pharmacies nationwide. Visit for stockists.