New out now: Betty Hula handmade skincare

It’s getting colder, fact. Hands, fingers and nails are dry and flaky minutes after leaving the house. Yuk. So how delighted I was when I got home this evening to find a little sample of Betty Hula Shea Butter Moisturising Cream flavoured with ‘champagne & spice’. Champagne in a beauty product? Oh yes!

Thick, creamy and smells delicious. It sunk straight in and banished any signs of winter weathering. And then 20 minutes later, when I’m going about my everyday business, I catch a subtle sniff of a sweet lingering smell and realise it’s the champagne and spice! Not overpowering at all but a welcome linger.

There are two other cool flavours in the pack – ‘kiwi & lime’ and ‘rum & blackcurrant’ – and I expect  them to be just as perfectly balanced as this one.

The branding is fab – strong and instantly attractive – and the product range is small enough to try and love.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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