Future of supplements – read my article in Natural Health magazine

Natural Health magazine, Future of Supplements Feb'11 Natural Health magazine, Future of Supplements Feb'11

Out now in Natural Health magazine (Feb ’11 issue) is my article on the future of health supplements, which makes essential reading for anyone passionate about their health and the natural health industry.

At the end of March this year new EU laws and regulations will come into place restricting the supply of some supplements and herbal medicines. There are also plans to impost maximum permitted doses on vitamins, which will restrict what dosages you can buy vitamins in. Naturopaths, herbalists and consumers across Europe are deeply concerned about how this will impact people who are trying to take care of their health. This is ultimately an infringement on our freedom of health choice.

It’s a huge and complicated area and unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation out there but the Alliance of Natural Health is one of the most comprehensive and reliable sources on the internet. I advise everyone to read more about what’s going on  http://anh-europe.org/


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