Winner of Best Online Feature goes to… perfume personality…ME! Yes, I’m the proud owner of one of beauty industry’s most prestigious journalism awards – a Jasmine Award, which celebrates fragrance editorial. I actually won the award joint with the Financial Times as the judges agreed it was difficult to decide between two very different online offerings (mine was a quiz, the FT’s was a full length feature). I believe next year they’ll be revamping the criteria for the online category.

The event – held yesterday morning at BAFTA in Piccadilly – saw a good turn out of beauty editors, writers and members of the fragrance industry.  There’s nothing better than winning in front of all the editors you’ve worked with in the past.

The winning piece was a quiz I created for (home of Good House Keeping, She and Prima) and was a unique take on finding your perfect scent. had created something similar but I’m so glad mine won!

I interviewed James Craven, the head ‘nose’ at Les Senteur – an amazing boutique perfumer in London – and with his exquisite insight into fragrance families and how different people like different scents, the quiz was born.

Finding a fragrance is no small feat so I recommend you all take the quiz! And well done to all the other winners and nominees too…the shortlist was really impressive!


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