Hangover cure #1: Lavera Soothing Eye Roll-On

lavera-cooling-eye-roll-onI’m not one for exaggerating the claims of beauty products but this modest looking roll-on actually made my peepers feel ever-so slightly better on a hangover day, yesterday.

While I wanted to tell you all about it I was actually hard at work on a 1500 word feature on radiation (gulp) for Natural Health magazine (out in July if you fancy it).

So little ol’ Lavera Cooling Eye Roll-On – with white tea and karanja oil – was my desk-buddy for the day. Massaging around my eyes in little mini circles every hour on the hour.

Cooling (quite cold actually) and definitely refreshing. It impressed the Beauty Bible judges too as it has a big sticker saying ‘award winner’ on it.

No silicone or mineral oils (used in products to give that slippy-slidy feel that makes people say ooh it feels lovely). This one uses organic plant extracts, lecithin, a natural antioxidant and emollient, fair trade green tea extract, an Indian seed oil – pongamia  glabra – used as a skin conditioner. Plus lots of other natural and organic ingredients you’d love.

Stimulating circulation around the face is the best way of keeping skin looking fresh and this kind of does the job for you…and is exactly what I need right now.


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