My Aveda purple crush

Aveda Smoothing Lip Color in TanzaniteA few months ago I was at a wedding where a young pretty thing was wearing a hot purple lipstick, which looked totally awesome – slightly eighties of course – but with a cool factor of about 110. She was also wearing it with a sharp, retro bob in a piquant orange shade which helped my style-envy no end. Anyway, her lipstick was MAC, unsurprisingly, and since then I’ve had a thirst for purple and been on the spy for more fabulous shades of purple lipsticks.

This morning I met Aveda Smoothing Lip Color in Tanzanite. Yum, yum, yum…. this is *the* perfect purple without looking too Boy George. There are few enticing shades on the horizon from counter make-up brands this autumn-winter – FYI Clinique has re-launched its Black-Honey shade, for those who follow cult-berry shades.

Aveda’s Tanzanite is not the electric, mulberry purple I saw on my wedding-girl-crush but more of a royal, red-purple, like Merlot wine stained lips but with a high gloss finish. That deep, plum purple suits olive skins like mine, whereas whiter skins can go for the brilliant, head-turning blue-toned purple. If only I could!

For all you colour-loving greenies, this is Aveda’s message on the modestly designed packaging: ‘50% post-consumer recycled fibre/Forest Stewardship Council-certified fiber and 100% wind power-generated carton, printed with soy ink.’

This new crush of mine is part of the Aveda Jewels of the Earth collection out now. Feeling tempted? Try it, you might like it! I’m definitely going to be wearing this shade all season long…Enjoy x


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