Black Chicken Remedies: Tres Chey

Yep, I love a good beauty oil! Morning, day or night, face or body, bottle or balm, it’s oil every time. So when I met founder of Black Chicken Remedies, aromatherapist Chey Birch, we had someting to talk about. She launched Love Your Body oil with 11 different oils – that’s like Christmas and a birthday in a bottle for me! You’ve got the usual suspects in there – jojoba, avocado, rosehip – as well as other more interesting ones – carrot, hazelnut, coconut.

Even better news is that Black Chicken Remedies Body Oil now has a sister – Love Your Face Serum. More skin-conditioning and nourishing ingredients for your skin and 100 percent natural. Totally and wholly natural. Every last drop. In the words of Chey, “why put chemicals on your skin when you don’t need to?”

It’s not cheap but the design, box and branding won me over instantly – what do you think? I guarantee you’ll love the contents too! Available at Selfridges and online at

4 thoughts on “Black Chicken Remedies: Tres Chey

  1. Hello! Those products look really interesting, I’m a huge fan of plant oils! I love the fact that they are 100% natural and have so many benefits for our skin.
    Best wishes!


    1. Hey! You have a great blog … Do you mean if I had to choose between a serum and an oil? Or did you mean blog?! :) I’d choose oil every time as it’s more natural but I have heard experts say sometimes a combo of ingredients is more effective so in some cases (and skin needs) a serum is good.. what do you think?



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