Lush: Love it or loathe it?

Lush Peace massage We need to talk about Lush and I have a confession to make. In all my years of writing about beauty I still haven’t reviewed or written about any Lush product.

Maybe it’s that unmistakable, heady aroma wafting out into the street that people love to hate or the bath bombs that I just don’t understand, because, to be perfectly honest with you, there’s nothing that appeals to me less than sitting in a pool of floating flower parts and foliage.

So while I’ve simply managed to dodge Lush trials and reviews, my time has now come. Last weekend I was kindly sent a bag of Lush goodies at Cosmo which I’ve made a special effort to tuck into and try.

I scurried home with keen intention until I looked inside the bag. I just didn’t know what to do with any of the paper-packaged balls and oblongs with kooky names and not enough clues as to what to do with them.

Naturally, I bypassed the bath bombs and found something I liked the look of: Lush Peace Massage Bar. However, if it wasn’t for the press release I wouldn’t have realised what a gem of a product this is.

The caption said: “Invented by Mark Constantine OBE. A solid, environmentally conscious, preservative and packaging-free alternative to massage oils in a bottle. All Lush massage bars are full of the highest quality essential oils and made with a deeply moisturising cocoa and shea butter base.”

Well if only they’d told me that to begin with – you couldn’t get more eco if you tried! Packaging-free alternative? Environmentally conscious? I’m in!  This packaging-free product will LEAVE NO TRACE. The holy grail in green beauty.

It’s a pleasant product to use, albeit a bit uncomfortable when you rub the bar around bones, elbows and ankles, but who cares – it’s my latest green goddess beauty find. It even left a sheeny film on my skin without any unnecessary greasiness.

So there you have it – a real, honest and dare I say, positive review of a Lush product. But this is not to say I’d love all Lush products as I’m aware several are loaded with SLS and parabens and while they give the impression they are natural, they are definitely not.

Love it or loathe it? Let me know what you think in the comments box below. For this, it’s a love it – just as long as you don’t give me a bath bomb!



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