A berry vitamin boost

Perricone Super Berry Acai

A belated Happy New Year! Just a quick one to tell you about a great vitamin-boosting drink I tried the other day that helped prop up my weak January immune – Super Berry Powder with Acai by Dr. Perricone – a good winter supplement perhaps?

It contains a blend of a zillion berries – raspberries, blueberries, bilberry, goji and others – as well as acai, a Brazilian berry containing lots of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  (Although I have to say at this point the nutritional information on the pack isn’t so detailed so I couldn’t tell how effective it really is).

I double-dosed and poured two sachets into one big glass (not sure if you’re supposed/not supposed to do that!) but I needed a mega health boost.

It’s a bit pricey  but just thought I’d tell you about it anyway as I’m a bit of a Perricone fan – currently reading his latest book Forever Young. Let me know if you’ve tried other vitamin-boosting drinks that you’ve liked – always on the lookout for more.

Hope you’re having a great and healthy start to the year – there’ll be more health-related posts this month including info on The De-stress Diet – a fabulous new book, that’s just out, by one of my editors so stay tuned!



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