Friday facial

On Friday I had one of the best facials I’ve ever had.  It was by Notting Hill facialist Una Brennan, who has had every beauty journalist and West London celebrity praising her unique style. She uses SkinCeuticals products on the face but for those who read my coconut oil post the other day, you’ll be pleased to hear this wonder woman facialist slathered almost half a pot of the stuff on my upper body too for a shoulder and back massage. The whole treatment was an epic, two-hour extravaganza.

She dove deep into the pot of coconut oil for an extraordinary back, shoulders and neck massage, while I was laying firmly fixed on my back. Somehow, Una managed to weasel her way through the minuscule space between my back and the bed and manoeuvre her hands and fingers in stunning, snake-like motions, up and down, up and down, up and down, releasing every bit of tension. This was meant to prepare the face for lymphatic drainage.

I loved hearing Una say everyone should have a pot of coconut oil in the kitchen and a pot in the bathroom; sometimes she said, she even sleeps in the stuff  (as long as you don’t mind the smell). That was music to my ears. :) . Look out for my review of Una’s facial in West London Living online mag in a few weeks time.



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