A very shiny organic manicure

I feel slightly behind the times as I only managed to visit the new WholeFoods in Piccadilly the other week, several months after it opened, and wow what a difference a few square metres make. This large new home, just around the corner from the old, is impressive; spread across two floors with a mouth-watering fresh foods area, dining mezzanine and treatment rooms, you can fulfil every natural health and beauty need.

Treatment I tried:  Pink’s Boutique Organic Manicure

Why it’s great:

If you want a truly organic manicure, this is the only treatment you need. Nail varnish can never be truly natural or organic so this is by default, a polish-free manicure. But fear not style-seekers, you’ll step out with the shiniest nails ever and won’t miss polish one bit.

Wow moments:

– A 100% natural sugar, salt and jojoba oil scrub for hand exfoliation. Skin has never felt so irresistible to touch.  This was the softest my hands have EVER been.

– A slice of fresh lime to whiten nail beds and nail tips. This natural beauty tip works real wonders before your eyes. Try it at home – just take a slice of lime and smooth under your nails for a fresher look.

– Nail buffing for shockingly shiny nails. Who needs polish when you can have ten totally natural and eye-poppingly shiny nails? I was mesmerised.

Founder of Pink’s Boutique, Kirstie Allen was in town that day and I was lucky enough to have my treatment done by the queen-bee herself, a very down-to-earth and lovely lady. An inspirational entrepreneur at just 32, she finished a history degree at Oxford University and decided to follow her passions in natural beauty and wellbeing; she set up the company with her partner Luke.

Luckily, this no-polish manicure is not just available at Wholefoods in London. You can find a beauty salon doing Pink’s Boutiques manicures around the UK here.

Enjoy and let me know if you have also loved any Pink’s Boutiques treatments.


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