Hangover Cure #2: Micheline Arcier Bath Oil

Micheline Arcier Bath Oil

If you’ve had a difficult week, a stressful day or a moment when you just want to stop the world and get off, I highly recommend some time with a Micheline Arcier Bath Oil. It will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world and that everything will be OK. It’s also a great hangover cure.

Deemed as one of the originators of modern aromatherapy, Micheline Arcier was one of the first people to work with Dr. Jean Valnet, a medical doctor who used essential oils during World War II. Arcier and Valnet then combined forces with a famous biochemist during the mid-1960s, Madame Marguerite Maury, who had found a way to use essential oils on the skin. Together they created the form of aromatherapy we recognise and use today.

View and buy her products online or visit The Spa at Bluebird in London for a Micheline Arcier spa ritual/treatment – it’s not cheap but it would be a truly amazing way to really experience the sensory powers of essential oils. If you go, let me know!

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