The perfect post-election eye

Tonight I’m up late watching the US elections (terrified we’ll wake up with Romney-red all over our screens) so I expect tomorrow will be a good make-up day to conceal my tiredness (or my tears if he wins).

A good make-up day means my absolutely preferred look which is eyeliner rimmed lightly around the outer edge of eyes with a darker shadow blended on top for extra holding power and a slightly misty look.
The new Neal’s Yard Remedies Eyeshadow Brush, which the Brit-beauty brand launched earlier this year as part of its make-up collection expansion, is my favourite tool for this. With UNE Sfumato Eye Shadow in S27 – an intense navy shade, which I recently discovered and really loved.

I love this NYR eyeshadow brush because it’s firm and flat but not too long or wide so control is easy. It blends the shadow into your eye line without any dusty fallout. It can also create a clean, precise flick – simply by moistening the brush, patting it into shadow and following the eye’s line from end to end.

With this eyeshadow the end result is a bit ‘smoky’ without looking too made up and without any harsh lines. I honestly can’t do my eye make-up without this brush and shadow now!
Eco credentials?
Neal’s Yard Remedies Eyeshadow Brush – totally animal-free with bristles made from synthetic fibres and handles made from environmentally-friendly bamboo which is biodegradable and sustainably sourced.
UNE Sfumato Eye Shadow – a mineral shadow, talc-free, contains 12.6% organic ingredients and 99.5% natural. Vegetarian. Not tested on animals. I believe this brand is part of Bourjois and sold at Boots but I’ve linked to Naturisimo. LoveLula also sells UNE but not this particular eye shadow. The packaging is a bit clunky but the concealers are also very good so worth a try. Let me know if you’ll be concealing your dark circles too!

Update: Since writing this post a press release has come through from UNE about new shades in this line of eyeshadows and guess what, it appears the Sfumato range was created for a natural, day-time smoky look – so I was on the ball all along! Good to know I’m not just making things up. See, you can trust me :)

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