A meat-free Christmas

So what did the veggie-vegan eat for Christmas? The menu of the day was a mixture of tried and trusted classics (homemade hummus of course) and a few new creations I whipped up on Christmas morning. Being eternally late for everything, there was little pre-preparation but each dish was lovingly put together swiftly on the day…

My meat-free Christmas menu included:

– An Iraqi-style breakfast puff pastry with tahini paste and date syrup. Wow, wow, wow.

– Edamame, pea and mint dip

– Homemade hummus

The brilliantly green edamame and pea dip with delicately sweet flavours was definitely my favourite.

homemade hummus and edamame pea dip.jpeg

– Arabic tea (pictured above)

– Roasted butternut squash stuffed with rice, broadbeans, dill and christmasy spices.

Potato, parsnip and onion rosti  from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s parsnIp recIpes In this weekend’s Guardian.


– and lots and lots of roast veggies with marinated avocado on the side.

What a feast! Did you have a veggie-vegan Christmas? Any recipes to share from your day?


(Excuse any obscure formatting or typos today! I’m writing on a new tablet and haven’t quIte got the hang of it!)



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