The next big thing in beauty: Vitamin Infusions

Yesterday morning I discovered one of the biggest secrets to sparkling celebrity skin and it certainly wasn’t from a £1000 pot of promises. I was taped to a drip in a plush address off Harley Street in London, with thousands of milligrams of pure vitamins pumped into my blood intravenously. This was a Nosh Detox Vitamin Infusion and it’s far better than it looks or sounds, I promise, so stick with me!

I guarantee Vitamin Infusions are set to be the next big health and beauty treatment to hit the mainstream. Forget creams, forget supplements and don’t even bother with regular smoothies from the supermarket. What the celebs have been booking before red carpet appearances is a course of vitamin infusions.

What’s a Vitamin Infusion? It’s when vital nutrients are administered directly into the body (by a nurse), bypassing  the digestive system. Vitamins supplements taken orally are usually rendered useless due to ineffective absorption in the gut – I’ve heard the body can only absorb around 40% maximum of a supplement pill anyway which doesn’t sound like very much. Through IV nutrition you literally absorb 100% of the minerals and vitamins right before your eyes – that whole bottle of liquid you see in the picture above was gone within 30 mins.

What’s it for? Great skin, great health, energy, vitality. Even if your diet is great and you feel relatively healthy, you may not be at optimum health. You might feel tired or run down, have dry or dull skin or be getting ill regularly. Having a massive infusion of vitamins not only boosts the body back to health (especially after a spell of illness) but can also be great as a form of health maintenance . The PR girls who’d had the treatment a few days earlier looked incredibly well with enviously great skin so I was sold just by looking at them.

How do I feel now? I felt great after I had it and while I didn’t notice any instant glow on my skin, I did feel absolutely full of beans until the early hours. I definitely couldn’t sleep and woke up super easily the next day. I’ve heard the red carpet crew have these infusions regularly – either a short course before a big event, to get back on track after a period of stress or top-ups ever fortnight, month or even week.

But it doesn’t come cheap. Let’s just say you have to be comfortable with money. The infusion I had was Fit-Amin for immune and energy boost and cost a few hundred pounds. It contained: 2000 mg vitamin C, all the Bs, magnesium, calcium, zinc and selenium and several other vital nutrients.

Is this just another fad or is it the future of health and wellbeing? I say future, and most definitely one for health and beauty geeks like me…


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