Earth Day 2013 – What’s happening around the world?

Today was Earth Day, which sounds like a recently made up national day with little weight or meaning but I found out it’s actually 43 years old. This day of environmental awareness was created in 1970 by a US senator who wanted to “activate individuals and organizations to strengthen the collective fight against man’s exploitive relationship with the planet.” 

Sounds good. The fight goes on…

I thought I’d take a quick look at how Earth Day 2013 was celebrated around the world…

At work today, where I’m currently covering the editor at, I published a beauty gallery of brands doing their bit for environmental or charitable causes, featuring Aveda, Aromatherapy Associates, Jurlique, Neal’s Yard Remedies and Melvita.

Google posted its own Earth Day doodle with little interactive touches such as moving clouds, rain and even a badger and bear popping out. The scene turns to night with shooting stars and a floating moon. All very fairytale like.

Google doodle Earth day 2013

There were beach clean-ups around the world including the Philippines, celebrated on Twitter by Earth Day Network.

Women in Iraq were involved in tree planting initiatives to help improve and re-build the region following years of war which have devastated arable farming land.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaigned to encourage people to switch to vegan diets to avoid contributing further to environmental problems. I can tick that one off my list! PETA activists in India decided green was the only way to make this point, which was great as it got lots of media attention…

peta-earth-day 2013

On the vegan note, if you need some inspiration for veggie / vegan food do check out my favourite foodie blogs which are not only beautiful to look at but are really inspiring too: Green Kitchen Stories, My New Roots and Oh She Glows.

They are the go-to sites for inspired, healthy eating – and not a piece of mock-meat in sight! They prove that veggie/vegans don’t have to resort to weird mock meats and dairy-free alternatives as real food is far more amazing, nutritious and delicious.

Back to Earth Day.. I will end with a quote from environmentalist David de Rothschild who sailed the Pacific ocean in 2010 on a boat made out of thousands of reclaimed plastic bottles and made this comment last year.

“We’re at a time when businesses need to think beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking and explore ways to not only grow financially but also manage and integrate a clear and responsible social and environmental vision.” 

If only more companies thought like this… 

On a lighter note, he posted this comment on his Twitter feed today.. Happy earth day!!! Nature needs you! And we need nature! Lets give nature a voice today and everyday!

Happy Earth Day everyone x


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