Dirty Sugar

There’s a bitter fight brewing between sugar giants Tate & Lyle and villagers in Cambodia which is putting a sour taste in my tea and coffee. Locals claim Tate & Lyle has purchased land that’s been illegally cleared for sugar cane plantation and Tate & Lyle’s supplier is accused of ‘land-grab’, child labour and human rights abuses although Tate & Lyle denies this.

I watched this eye-opening video tonight on Guardian.co.uk on how Cambodian villages have been destroyed by the sugar cane industry and the not-so-sweet journey from plantation to sugar pot.

Let’s keep putting pressure on the EU and multi-national companies who are involved in this dirty sugar supply chain. Go to http://www.cleansugarcampaign.net/ to find out more…


READ MORE: Land grabs and illegal deforestation in Sumatra Rainforest


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