Juicy Notes: Why lemon water is good for you

Hot-lemon-water lifeholistically brightershadeofgreen

“Start your day with a hot water and lemon” – it’s an age-old health tip that most of us have heard a thousand times but experts rarely explain what it does in our bodies that makes it so good. My younger cousin asked me about this the other day, which got me thinking – we’re always told it will help detox and cleanse etc etc but it wasn’t until I spoke to founder of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett, that it really clicked. She explained exactly why, in very simple terms, and now I drink this almost every day as well as squeeze lemon onto almost everything I eat to aid digestion. Here’s what she said:

The body digests and detoxes over night (that’s why we sometimes feel windy in the morning) and by the time we wake up our stomach is in an acidic state (acid = not good) which needs to be re-balanced. Lemon, as we know, is an acidic food but once it hits the stomach it’s metabolised and becomes alkaline (alkaline = good), which then rebalances the gut to a state it can digest food more effectively, absorb more nutrients and fight off illness.

If you’ve read my Glow Girl column on Healthista.com you will have heard me talking about the benefits of an alkaline-rich diet: alkaline-forming foods will over time help stimulate essential digestive enzymes essential for weight loss, improve absorption of nutrients, keep everything moving (very good), maintain and balance energy levels and keep sugar cravings down. All good reasons to drink lemon water through out the day too, which is why I want one of these: A Citrus Zinger!
citrus_zinger_brightershadeofgreenToo many acid-forming foods (not just alcohol, fizzy drinks and sugary foods, but meat, dairy and cereals too) are not only difficult to digest but the body has to draw essential minerals and nutrients from elsewhere to break down the excess acid. Then it dumps the excess acid into body tissue as fat. Aaargh.

So now it makes sense, get squeezing and start to feel the difference. And let me know if you already have one of these nifty bottles in your life…


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