I love toast

I’m on a mission to stop bread, from being bad-mouthed and rejected. It’s time to stop the bread-hating and the guilt. This wonderful food that’s been a staple in our diet for hundreds of years seems to be the bane of so many eaters and experts, not to mention dieters who can’t even say the word without shuddering (or salivating). The columnist Eva Wiseman once wrote a love letter to bread which was very endearing (apart from the ending where she grew apart from it).

Many nutritional therapists and naturopathic experts have tried to convince me to banish bread from my diet, scaring me with stories of gut irritation, intolerance and inflammation, but of all the health and food concerns I’m passionate about, bread is the one thing I’m the least interested in giving up or scaring people away from.

Why? Because I love it, and I think it’s modern day processes that have caused bread to irritate guts – the additives, fillers, bulking agents, preservatives and other ingredients that manufacturers use to produce bread as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. That’s what’s hurting people’s tummies.

If you select your bread carefully, from traditionally-made sources, using natural and organic ingredients with no added nasties then I don’t see a problem with it. It’s a delicious food! Granted, some people may have a specific intolerance to gluten which I can’t argue with but for the rest of us, we should be able to enjoy good food in moderation.

I also don’t have any of the tell-tell signs of a gluten intolerance (severe bloating, IBS, chronic pain) there’s no reason for me to say bye-bye to bread. It’s also not a problem for my weight – I eat it only a few times a week, I don’t have sandwiches for lunch and I always buy fresh bread that’s made well, probably once every ten days or more.

My favourites are a sourdough or dark, dense fresh rye. The darker and richer, with more interesting ingredients such as seeds, nuts and different grains, the better. I recently discovered Able & Cole deliver bread too – a Rye and Spelt loaf is coming in my next box to try. Can’t wait!

As a vegan however, people wonder what I spread on toast – obviously I don’t smother it with butter so if you’re stuck on what non-diary options to have on toast my recommendations are here.

Coconut oil – this is my bread’s daily ‘butter’ – I use it almost every time I have bread or toast, whatever ingredients I add on top. I have a tub in my cupboard on the go at all times! Currently I’m loving Tiana Fairtrade and Organic Coconut Oil (they have a plethora of interesting coconut oil products so click the link and check them out).

Tiana Fairtrade and Organic Coconut Oil

Avocado – another staple in my diet – without avocados I think I’d be a very hungry (and sad) person. If I have time, usually at the weekends, I add complimentary ingredients such as chilli flakes, fresh chilli, lime juice, red onion or salad onion. All other times I just smash and spread. A grilled or fresh tomato on top really does the trick too.

Sesame Seed Oil / Tahini – I discovered how amazing this is as a spread when I did my Vipassana 10-day silent meditation. I watched people eat it with honey drizzled on top and I instantly fell in love.  The dense, rich nutty taste of the sesame seed and the sweetness of honey to lift it is an utterly divine combo. I don’t have this all the time, but it’s great when you fancy something sweet.

Olive oil – cold-pressed and organic, for dipping at the dinner table. Looks nicer and neater than a big tub of coconut oil!

So there you have it, a health-geek who loves bread. I’m off to have my breakfast now – avocado on toast, of course, what else? x

5 thoughts on “I love toast

  1. I also love bread :) I believe that if we select our bread carefully, from traditionally-made sources, using natural and organic ingredients with no added nasties then I don’t also see a problem with it. I also love avocado. This fruit is really abundant in our country :)


  2. Hooorrrray!! I adore bread and nothing will make me stop eating it. Like you i tend to go for ‘healthier’ versions to the over processed sliced white, but i still love a good chunk of bread, wheatgerm, sprouted, soya and linseed, wholemeal, rye, soya, soda…hmmmm delicious!
    I have never thought to try some of your suggestions with bread, other than the olive and coconut oil and the avocado, so I’m definitely going to give some of the a try. The Tahini sounds scrummy!
    Every now and then i like to have gluten free bread (although I’m not intolerant) as i find its good to have a balance, and honestly i love butter! I try to avoid dairy for the most part but butter has so many other benefits and taste so good that i can’t resist, i’m a believer that its a healthy fat in moderation.

    Cheers to the bread love!


  3. I am so glad we share bread love! I am a total toast junkie but have felt more and more that it’s some kind of guilty secret to admit to eating bread lately! Have tried to health mine up by swapping peanut butter for almond butter :)



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