Stocking filler #1 Organic Wipes

mendill organic lavender wipes brightershadeofgreen

Admittedly, not a very sexy sounding Christmas present but if you’re into new eco beauty and if you’re off on festive travels, stick with me.

Plastic ingredients in skincare is kind of uncool. Traditional wet wipes use plastic resins like polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene which don’t break down easily in landfill but they’re cheaper than using a woven fabric such as cotton.

Having said that, you can get your hands on wipes that don’t go down the faux cotton route and don’t use silicones and mineral oils (to make the product feel soft), preservatives (to keep them bacteria-free) and mild detergents. There are alternative ways and natural ingredients that do a great job too.

I tried and loved Neal’s Yard Remedies Facial Wipes, (£5.50) which are 100% organic cotton, soaked in aloe vera and white tea. A few more pennies than your usual supermarket fare but hey, you’re getting 100% organic cotton. Super soft on skin and very hydrating. Can’t recommend them enough for face cleansing as well as travel.

A new kid on the block is Mendill, a brand recently picked up by BeautyMART. Individually wrapped towelettes made from 100% organic cotton, soaked in 100% organic essential oils and sans parabens, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. I’m hoping the little plastic wraps are recyclable / biodegradeable.


Five varieties and five uplifting scents with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. A joy to use as the scent keeps on giving. Apart from cleansing hands, wiping a runny nose, deodorising armpits and removing make-up, you can also use one in the tumble dryer to scent linen – if I had a tumble dryer I’d certainly be trying that one.

Each box contains 20 sachets (£10) so you can pop a few in a stocking or gift the whole box for a whole season of on-the-go hygiene and care. Available in lavender and eucalyptus from BeautyMART or other flavours from LoveLula.

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