Stocking Filler #3 Abel & Cole

Organic fruit and veg. Another not-so-sexy-sounding gift idea you might be thinking (I’m good at these) but we all need to eat so why not give the gift of great food?

Many years ago when Abel & Cole, the organic fruit and veg delivery service, first launched I signed up and was sadly disappointed. High prices for a few unremarkable vegetables, I thought. Then a few months ago a young man knocked on my door and offered an Abel & Cole trial, with a free cookbook. Hmm.. I considered. The trial meant I could order one box without committing to more. Ok. I gave it a try…

Wowee. Abel & Cole have changed and upped their game!

I picked a small vegetable box (no fruit) priced at £13. (Not a press sample). Very reasonable price I thought for a great selection of quality vegetables which included pointy cabbage, squash, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. Tick one.

Abel and Cole on Brighter Shade of Green blog

Then I checked out the online selection service  and it turns out they have all the groceries covered so you literally don’t need to go anywhere else – dairy, eggs, meat, fish, bakery, cupboard food, drinks, household stuff, the lot.

A really easy-to-use website too so I ended up ordering another box and ton of veg for juicing and some bread. My whole week’s shop, all organic, all for under £20. I was impressed. I then had to speak to customer services to tidy up an error on my account – super helpful and unbelievably lovely. Tick, tick, tick.

All the farmers, growers and produce are sourced for their quality and environmental integrity and their stories showcased throughout Abel & Cole material which brings alive the human story behind the food.

Since my trial box, I’ve ordered several more all without committing to a weekly delivery – I just order when I want. People think it’s an expensive way to shop but it’s not; if you buy organic from the supermarket anyway then it’s about the same, if not more economical as the quality and service is better. Also every order I’ve had has come with recipe cards and a little gift – such a mini pack of eggs or a mince pie. Very cute.

I also love the communication and branding which is very sweet but not in an annoying way. They’ve struck the right balance between friendly, a bit jokey and inviting, and this is carried through everything they do. Maybe I’ve forgotten but I don’t remember the branding being so strong before and I think it really works.

I love the recipe cards and cookbook, full of easy and inspiring dishes which makes a big difference when you’re trying to think of what to cook.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative Christmas gift idea for a foodie friend or family, I can definitely recommend Abel & Cole. For me, great food makes a great gift!

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