New year inspiration

‘Knowledge without action is useless’

This is one of my favourite lines, and a great line to live by, quoted by John Bird from Simon Reeves/BBC2,  in Big Issue, November 2012. Bird’s message was ‘Be better informed, but be better informed in order to act.’ Writer Bin Adewunmi had a similarly inspiring message in The Guardian’s collection of new year resolutions.

‘Knowledge without action is useless’ was my resolve last year and will be the same again this year. As well as to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier! Happy 2014!

One thought on “New year inspiration

  1. That is very well said. I’ve always said that knowledge isn’t power unless that knowledge can be applied. No one pays you for the information you know, they pay you for what you can do with that information, hence, knowledge without action is useless.



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