A Spot of Bother?

Espa Purifying Tea Tree Gel on a Brighter Shade of Green

If, thanks to a festive five-a-day diet of Celebrations, Cadbury’s Miniatures and Quality Street over Christmas, your skin has seen better days, then I recommend getting your mitts on ESPA Purifying Tea Tree Gel to tackle any peevy problems.

ESPA Purifying Tea Tree Gel is an all-round healing gel that helps to de-congest spots, reduce their inflammation and bring them to a state that’s definitely more manageable within 24 hours. That’s thanks to antibacterial tea tree oil and antiseptic thyme. Last night, I slathered it on a couple of spots that were raging to make their mark, and today, I can certainly say they’re on the mend. Calmer, smaller and quieter. The evening primrose oil which is hydrating, also makes it great for irritations and itches.

If you have a great spot-zapper to share, pray tell. We all need a little help to get through the new year with happier, clearer skin.

Happy new year, happy new skin.

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