Alternative Ways of Being #2

“When two people want to love and be loved, and when they are willing to grow and change, something mighty emerges.”

This quote, which I read in a magazine I randomly picked up recently, might sound a little hippy and hopeful, but it struck a chord as it’s full of the possibilities and strengths of human relationships.

It also struck a chord because it’s exactly what I failed to achieve in my own relationship so it carries with it an element of hope for next time. Failed relationships can make you feel like a big fat failure so it’s good to be reminded that alternative and more positive outcomes are possible.

The ugly parts of a relationship may have broken things up but the good bits in that person are still there, they’re just not hanging out with you any more, and that’s what hurts the most. Especially when there was so much hope, and everything was so entwined but somehow it was unpicked, it unravelled and it all came crashing down.

Instead of trying to explain, justify or understand the loss – because, let’s face it, the countless questions that are left unanswered are likely to remain precisely that – I thought it might be more fruitful, mentally at least, to look to alternative ways of being.

As there’s no way to go back, change what happened, change what was said, how it was said or react in a different way, there has to be another way, a new future, and a new hope. Hope that somewhere, somehow another mighty thing can happen – it’s just sad it didn’t happen with that person. In the spirit of another saying, we almost had it all…..

2 thoughts on “Alternative Ways of Being #2

  1. This is what I really don’t want to happen with me and my partner, breaking up. I can’t imagine a life without him. And when I read your article it made me think for a second… so sad, but it’s reality. There are really circumstances where we thought he/she is the one but no. If that would happen, we can’t do anything but to move on, accept and be patient. Thanks for sharing.



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