A Win! Brighter Shade of Green in Top 20 Greenest Blogs

Top 20 greenest blogs by GreenMatch

It was very cool to hear that my little blog, Brighter Shade of Green, has been named one of the Top 20 Greenest Bloggers list by GreenMatch, an energy sustainability and green energy comparison site, as part of its Top 100 Green Initiatives list.

The Top Greenest Blogs list was a fabulous who’s who of environmental champions, from charities and brands to independent blogs and families – from Green Peace and The Ecologist to the Transition Network, Wrap (promoting sustainable resources) and ScrapStore (a community group that puts clean material waste to good use). I’m particularly passionate about re-using and recycling so those last two organisations really stood out – congratulations to all.

GreenMatch says: ‘At GreenMatch, we strive to encourage more people to go “green” and take advantage of different eco-friendly energy sources. For that reason we really love seeing people like you, promoting the same cause in any possible way.’

Top 100

As a magazine writer and online editor in the beauty industry, I’m surrounded by brands and activities that are far from green so I set up this blog to try to share and celebrate the products and people I come across that tread more carefully on the planet and on us. I do believe a greener and more sustainable commercial world can exist, we just need to be encouraged to work towards it.

As well as Top 20 Greenest Bloggers there was also Top 20 Greenest School, Greenest Projects and Community Projects, all featuring a plethora of amazing initiatives. Totally thrilled (and pleasantly surprised!) to be in such great company – thank you GreenMatch!



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