How to fragrance your laundry naturally with essential oils

indigo herbs essential oils - how to fragrance laundry naturally
Image: Indigo Herbs


I can’t remember where I got the idea to use essential oils as a natural way to fragrance my laundry but it’s become a habit which I do with every wash now. It means I don’t have to add artificial chemicals via a perfumed conditioner so it’s a brilliant natural alternative. Sure, it doesn’t make your clothes soft but it makes them smell great!
I don’t mind what essential oils I use as long as they smell nice. Clothes come out smelling lovely and often the scent drifts around the room too as they’re hanging to dry.

However, if you are particular then apparently lavender and citrus oils such as orange and lemon help fight grease, stains and odour making them particularly good for laundry. But really, you can just pick any aroma you like.

How to use essential oils in laundry:

I simply add 8-12 drops of my favourite oil into the detergent tray, with the liquid detergent. If you don’t use liquid or powder in the tray and use an eco-egg in the drum then you can still add your essential oils into the tray. Close the lid and get the machine going. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve recently been using essential oils from Indigo Herbs as they kindly sent me some to try. The range of single and mix blends they offer is vast so take a look, it’s such an interesting variety – everything from Emotional Balance Pulse Point Roller to Olympian Sport Performance Essential Oil Blend.

Indigo Herbs also does a brilliant range of organic superfood powders and the biggest range of tinctures (which are my favourite way to take a herbal supplement) that I’ve ever seen – I’ll definitely be indulging in a proper shopping spree soon.


Indigo Herbs’ Media and Marketing Director, Claire Kelly actually emailed and said she puts essential oils in her vacuum cleaner bags – ‘as it makes the room smell nice when you vacuum up’ – another brilliant alternative use for essential oils!

Give them both a go and let me know what you think!



      1. Thank you for this link… that is very helpful… I will give it a go… thank you for this blog, as I had been wondering for a while about adding lavender drops to my clothes :-)

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