My favourite eco, ethical and sustainable gifts

Last minute shopping for the plant based, eco warrior in your life? Or maybe you just need some inspiration for good eco and ethical gifts. Look no further than a few of my favourite products that I use and highly rate.

These tick eco friendly, sustainable, stylish (and if not stylish, then useful!). Would love to hear your what eco presents you have given, received or recommend. After all, ethical and sustainable should be all year round, not just for Christmas.

1. Rechargeable batteries and charger

I’m starting with the most unglamorous but the most helpful!  I bought myself a rechargeable battery set a few years ago and think it’s one of the best presents you can buy. It’s saves so much toxic waste – my wireless mouse and keyboard guzzle battery power and need changing at least once a month. With this recharger I’ve basically used the same four batteries over and over for two whole years. Just think of all the batteries and money I’ve saved! Incredible. I bought Lloytron LCD Battery Charger (for around a tenner) for myself but bought this EBL charger for AA and AAA batteries for my dad this year.

EBL rechargeable batterycharger

2. Tofu press

Who else would appreciate a tofu squeezer more than a tofu lover?! I’m sure this unique gift from would be put to good use as mine is, week in and week out. I no longer need to pile cans or heavy objects onto a plate balanced on a block of tofu with this nifty contraption. It simply squeezes the excess water out of the tofu in just a few minutes so it’s ready for cooking. And if you’re ever stuck on what to cook up your tofu just check out the site’s fabulous collections of inspiring tofu recipes.



3. The Natural Deodorant Company

Greening up your beauty products might be easy with creams and lotions but when it comes to deodorant the quest gets tricksy. In my experience it’s where people draw the line as they simply fail to find a natural deodorant that works and go back to the full chemical hit. Enter, The Natural Deodorant Company. A cream deodorant you massage, like a balm into pits, without aluminium, alcohol, artificial fragrance or palm oil. I can’t express enough how much this stuff works! And I workout A LOT so it’s put to the the ultimate of sweat-tests. It also doesn’t cost as much as Aurelia Cream Deodorant which is another favourite of mine. There are several fragrances to try as well as mini tester pots so you can BO-test it yourself and then thank me for it later.

natural deodorant company sustainable beauty


4. Prosody Perfume

This natural and organic perfume house is top of my beauty wishlist every time. It’s the UK’s first luxury organic and 100% natural perfume. The range of eau du parfum is decadent and luxurious with the most interesting blend of notes to impress any fragrance lover. I rarely finish a perfume bottle (who does?!) but I very quickly emptied the mini (10ml) Rose Rondeux, a heady scent of rose, raspberry, plum, blackcurrant, cedar and sandalwood. There are mini sizes to try before you indulge as well as candles, which are just as beautiful.

Prosody_50ml_Rose-Rondeaux_natural organic perfume

5. Po-Zu shoes

This amazing brand of ethical shoes says “you should be able to buy your shoes guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that they were created with love for people and planet” and I couldn’t agree more. Isn’t that how all products should be made? After I was kindly sent a press pair try, I haven’t stopped raving about the sustainable materials Po-Zu uses: the vegan leather alternative is pinatex, made from pineapple leaf fibres – yes pineapple! Very sustainable as it doesn’t require any extra land, water, fertilisers or pesticides to produce. There’s also cork, organic cotton, chromium free leather (because most leather is dyed with heavy metals) and coir, which is a mix of coconut husk and natural latex.

Honestly, this is the most innovative ethical shoes brand right now with the most conscientious AND comfortable shoe I’ve worn. What’s more, they last and don’t fall apart (sadly like my Veja trainers did). I now recommend Po-Zu to everyone and they sit alongside my vegan DMs as a staple in my wardrobe. Check out the range of vegan shoes here.


6. Pukka Bamboo Cup

This gorgeous Pukka bamboo cup is part of my daily grind. For that someone who is addicted to a coffee shop caffeine hit then this makes the perfect gift to help them ditch the single-use plastic packaging a high street coffee comes with. Most places offer a discount for using your own reusable cup so you’ll save a penny while looking pretty.pukka bamboo keep cup


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