Recycle your old running shoes at Runners Need stores

What do you do with your old running shoes? I’ve definitely done a Google search or two over the years for ways to recycle my old trainers, but usually end up taking them to the charity shop. Although I’ve also found community groups who take good quality sports kit and donate it to disadvantaged groups.


Now Runners Need, the specialist running shoe store, has re-launched ‘Recycle my Run’ initiative to give you £20 off your next pair of trainers if you bring in your old running shoes into store before 7th March 2019. In 2018, this same campaign led to 7575 trainers being recycled. How cool is that?

The initiative is a partnership between Runners Need and clothing and shoe recycling company, Seox, which turns used textiles into secondary raw materials so that each pair of trainers has a second lease of life.


Sustainability in sport and fitness is growing too. Runners Need has been collecting old running shoes in store with the European Recycling Company since 2016 and has collected over 1.5 tonnes of old running gear to be recycled or re-used. Amazing!
‘Recycling your old running shoes diverts resources from landfill and allows them to be reused or recycled, creating employment opportunities and providing footwear to those who could not otherwise afford them’ – Runners Need


With consumer consciousness growing about the impact of our material world on the environment, I feel people are starting to really care about plastic waste, food waste and recyclable materials more than ever before.

Recycle your run now!:

Drop your old trainers into a recycle bin at your local Runners Need store and get £20 off a shiny new pair. T&Cs apply. Follow and share the story: #RecycleMyRun


Would love to know what you do with your old running and sports gear?


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