Review: Griddle Pan by Jean-Patrique

It was only after I’d tested The Whatever Pan from Jean-Patrique that I discovered it’s a sell-out success and a favourite among pro chefs and caterers. No wonder everyone loves it.

Griddle pans have been my new favourite thing lately; I bought a cast iron long griddle plate from Ikea when I had my kitchen refurbished earlier this year and it was the thing I was most looking forward to using. Yes, griddles are not just for meat – great for vegetarian and vegan cooking too!

So when the Jean-Patrique team got in touch, inviting me to try The Whatever pan, I couldn’t wait.

So what is The Whatever Pan by Jean-Patrique like?

It’s a round pan (cooking area is 27cm diameter) with two handles (making up 34cm diameter in total) and made of non-stick cast aluminium that’s been anodised, which means it’s nonreactive so won’t leach into or react with foods.

I was quite excited that it comes with a heat-proof glass lid, which isn’t that common for griddle pans but makes it more versatile, so you can cook with more sauce or generate steam to speed up cooking and allow food to retain moisture. The lid also houses a spoon holder within the handle.

The first thing I noticed with The Whatever griddle pan is how light it is. Obviously the cast iron ones, like the Ikea one I mentioned above, weigh a ton but this one is 1.2kg (and 1.9kg with the lid), which makes it accessible to more people.

I liked the deep sides, which meant I could fit more ingredients into the pan as well as cook with more liquid without worrying about overspill. I also noticed I didn’t need very much oil and still managed to cook veggie burgers without sticking or falling apart.

You can use this pan on the hob, including an induction hob like mine, under the grill and in the oven, as it can withstand heat up to 250°C / 450 °F.

So far, I’ve cooked grilled aubergine, veggie burgers and mixed vegetables in my Whatever Pan but looking forward to using it in the oven and grill soon, too.

Bearing in mind I’m not an expert on griddle pans, here’s an overview of my cooking experiences and thoughts so far…

Veggie burgers

My vegan veggie burger mix contained: sweet potato, kale, black quinoa and a blend of mushrooms and onion.

I didn’t need to smother the pan in oil – I just used a five or six spritzes of oil spray and didn’t need to top this up until the next batch ✅

Veggie burgers didn’t fall apart and nothing stuck to the pan so flipping was clean and easy ✅

Insides cooked as well as griddle-edged outside ✅

Griddled aubergine

I mixed together a homemade marinate of rapeseed oil, middle-eastern zaa’tar herbs, chilli and salt. I then smothered the aubergine slices with this before placing into The Whatever Pan.

A lid is particularly useful for cooking aubergine as it does well with a bit of moisture. Creating some steam inside the pan speeds up cooking and allows the aubergine to cook and soften inside. There’s nothing worse than hard, undercooked aubergine!

Ta-da! Very pleased with the griddled aubergine that was marinated, spiced, well-cooked and tasted delicious, without falling apart or needing to be drenched in oil.

Mixed greens

I threw together some kale, baby spinach and tomatoes as a side dish.

After heating the pan up and adding the veg, I added a splash of water to create some steam and put the lid on.

The result was half steam, half pan-fried veg, which was super healthy and tasty, and I liked how some of the edges of kale had crisped up from the griddle pan while everything had retained its moisture.

Final verdict


  • Light to pick up and use
  • Doesn’t need a lot of oil
  • Can cook with sauces thanks to deep sides
  • The lid for more versatile cooking and creating steam and moisture (and it’s clear)
  • Multi-way use for hob, oven and grill
  • Super easy to clean – even after all the ridges were caked in food and grease, I just used a washing up brush and everything slid off, no scrubbing needed
  • Price, a very reasonable £29.99


  • The handles on the side get very hot so after a few times forgetting this, I never forgot again – ouch!

As you can see I really enjoyed using The Whatever Pan (available at amazon £34.99) and it’s become part of my regular cookware. Looking forward to seeing what else I can make with it.

Any Qs or thoughts on this, let me know. For more foodie updates follow me on Instagram @yanarfitness.

This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust and use.

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