Meet the Founder: Compostable Eco Packaging You Can Grow Plants In By Rhythm108

Waste is a big issue. In 2018 in the UK, 55% of all household waste went to landfill. Household waste accounts for 12% of all UK waste, and packaging would certainly have a part to play in that.

So when a brand has considered the impact of its packaging and developed a solution to avoid unnecessary waste, it’s worth talking about.

Enter Rhythm108 garden-compostable snack-packs.

I love the innovation on these little bags because once you’ve enjoyed your delicious biscuits – vegan, gluten-free, made with all-natural ingredients and TOTALLY irresistible (warning: it says snack-pack but you definitely won’t want to share them!) – then you can pop your packaging straight into the garden compost and it will break down within one month. Nifty and so eco.

Or you can grow some plants in the bag and maybe create your own cute and colourful herb garden. Good for you, good for planet.

More about Rhythm108

Rhythm108 snacks, chocolates and biscuits launched from a market stand in 2014 and is now sold in over 5000 stores worldwide. I spoke to founder Siddhi Mehta on her eco mission and the changes she’d like to see in the food and farming industries.

Where did the name Rhythm108 come from?

I was previously an engineer and 108 is an ancient mathematical number. One stands for one exceptional thing we do – which is our Swiss approach to craftsmanship; zero is about no artificial anything; and eight or infinity stands for unlimited creativity, innovation, and passion.

I chose the word rhythm because craftsmanship is always about creating at your own pace. After moving to Switzerland from Dubai, we found our rhythm in a little bakery nestled in the foothills of the Alps.

How did you launch your first biscuit?

I fell in love with Swiss artisanal approach to food and the concept of slow living.  I started making treats and selling them at a Sunday market as a way of exploring craftsmanship. On the first day of the market, on a freezing and windy November morning, we sold out of everything. That was my lightbulb moment.

How do you try to make things as sustainably as possible?

Our philosophy has always been to support growers who have the planet and people’s health in mind. We champion organic producers and make fully plant-based treats that taste the same as traditional ones. 

We believe the food industry should be supporting farmers who protect the land.  So, we work with organic farmers that implement principles to support healthy soil.  For example, our lemon zest comes from a biodynamic and organic cooperative in Sicily.

Healthy soils are fundamental to our entire food system in the long run. Without it, we wouldn’t have diversity and quantity of food we need to maintain our own health.

What changes would you like to see in the food industry?

I’d like to see a bit more compassion in the food industry – from businesses, retailers and consumers.  There is such a massive focus on cheap prices for food, which can be attractive to consumers but it means someone elsewhere in the chain is paying for it with their livelihood.

Lower prices also means lower quality, which then effects the health of the population in general. I’d like to see a change in focus to healthier, better quality food rather than just quantity. 

What’s your best advice for eco living?

I believe that small changes do add up to make big differences.  The best tip I could give is to go through your day and make a note of all the products you use from the moment you wake up and see what switches you can make. 

I swapped clingfilm for airtight glass containers, plastic toothbrushes for eco-friendly bamboo ones, shower gel that came in plastic bottles for natural soap, and so many other things.  Over your lifetime these will add up to make a difference.

Let me know if you’ve tried Rhythm108 biscuits and snacks (and loved them as much as I did!) – comments below or tag me on Instagram @YanarFitness


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