Review: 3 Natural Soap Bars Everyone Will Love

If you hadn’t yet noticed, soap bars are having a revival moment. To quote one friend who recently stayed at mine and used one of the three soaps from that I’ve reviewed here: ‘I haven’t used a soap bar in years – I’ve forgotten how good they are!’

For me natural soap bars are the ultimate in eco and sustainable beauty. If made with planet and people in mind, they could boast no plastic packaging, natural and non-polluting ingredients, zero-waste, kind on skin and can even be homemade.

So when founder of, Fran, got in touch to introduce me to her range of natural and vegan soaps, I was like, wow, you have so many! The variety is impressive – over 40. Fran also sells other eco beauty and sustainable living items, from ethical skincare and natural makeup, to kitchen and natural oral care.

‘EarthBits was born as a result of our own personal journey to live a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle, and from our desire and mission to help reduce waste, pollution and plastic. 

‘We decided to try to make it easier for people to find products they can trust, and that are not going to damage the environment.’

Fran, founder of

You won’t find your usual big name natural beauty brands on Earthbits, which is partly the reason I was drawn to it, as it offered interesting products I hadn’t seen before (like this coconut dish brush and soap pouch, which I’ll definitely be buying, this lovely bamboo soap dish or this gorgeous body scrub gift set.

Fran says she looks for small businesses who share a similar ethos.

‘We require them to only use plastic-free packaging, and all the beauty products (soaps included) have to be cruelty-free, vegan, sls and parabens-free, handmade (ideally with renewable energy or solar power) and using natural and whenever possible, organic ingredients.’ 

3 soaps I loved, from

⭐️ Soap on a Rope

earthbits natural soap on rope review

I chose bergamot and neroli and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. Bright and uplifting the zingy but subtly sweet notes instantly lifted my senses when I used it.

It lathers up quickly with a super soft and silky slip so a little goes a long way. The rope also makes it functional so you don’t have to worry about how or where to hold the soap in your bath or shower, as you can hang it to drip naturally. This might be good for families or if you have lots of products hanging around the bath / shower and can’t make space for any more! It also prolongs the life of the soap, according to Fran.

Absolutely loved this one and look forward to using it every time as I just love love love the scent. Soap on a Rope, £7.93

⭐️ Zero Waste Path Red Clay Soap

earthbits natural soaps review zwp clay soap
earthbits natural soaps review zwp

If you like a clay-based cleansing soap, this one’s for you. Made using cold pressed oils, which retains their natural benefits.

It’s also blended with lovely essential oils of pine, eucalyptus and thyme, making it lovely to use for cleansing or shaving. Handmade in the UK using 100% renewable energy and packaging is made 100% from recycled cardboard that’s compostable. Zero Waste Path Red Clay Soap, £5

⭐️ Primal Suds Exfoliating Soap

earthbits natural soaps review primal suds

If you’re looking to move away from plastic packaging you can swap your body scrub for a natural soap exfoliator like this.

This Primal Suds soap is gorgeously soft thanks to oatmeal, and if you’re wondering if it’s scratchy, it’s not – you can’t feel the exfoliating bits at all. Also love how the soap is naturally broken rather than sliced, giving it a homey feel.

Apparently the kaolin (white) clay is more gentle than bentonite clay making this soap suitable for sensitive skins. Primal Suds Exfoliating Soap, £5.95

My verdict

I would check out Earthbits for lovely local, handmade, natural and vegan products that stand out from the norm.

These soaps were kindly gifted to me for review but I’ll definitely be buying from the site in the future for the cute things I’ve already bookmarked (such as the ones I highlighted above), and will share on my social @YanarFitness.

If you purchase anything too, let me know – would love to know!

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