Review: Naturya Vegan Protein Superfood Blends

As someone who trains daily, vegan protein shakes are like my daily bread. So any mention of a new plant-based protein powder, and I’m there. And if superfoods and interesting health ingredients are in the mix then you have me on board, before I’ve even put the barbell down.

I was excited to hear of Naturya’s new collection of superfoods and protein blends: Functional Blends and Plant Proteins, which were kindly sent to me to try.

I’ve been a fan of the brand for many years (I used to be obsessed with the Breakfast Boosts) so it’s great to see bold, revamped packaging (high fives to the designers) and the brand branching out into protein products not just superfoods, because getting enough protein is important. This comes relatively easy for meat and fish eaters but needs a bit more effort if you eat vegetarians or vegan diet.

Quick nutrition recap: why do you need to keep on top of protein in your diet? Protein helps to fight fatigue, helps maintain normal muscle function and supports the immune system.

The protein blends are made from cold-pressed hemp seeds with different superfoods (depending on the flavour) and coconut sugar. Total protein per serving is 15g (three tablespoons).

There are three flavours: Banana Baobab, Acai Strawberry, Cacao Maca

Cacao Maca – deep, earthy and mildly chocolatey with overtones of vanilla -great as a hot or cold drink 😋
Banana Baobab – slightly creamy with a subtle sweetness – goes well with banana, oats and date syrup in a breakfast bowl 😋
Acai Strawberry – a soft hint of strawberry; goes really well with a chocolate flavoured breakfast bowl / smoothie 😋

How I used Naturya Plant Superprotein

After each training session, I always have around 25g of protein (with around 40g of carb) and throughout the day I’ll try and clock up around 80-100g protein in total. As I’m not competition training at the moment, or lifting so heavy in lockdown, it’s not so strict but I still try to keep on top of it as I train every day. Naturya protein blends have been a great addition to helping me hit that count.

Breakfast bowl:

I’m still working from home, so my breakfast bowl is made with cooked oats/muesli, a tablespoon of teff grains and a mix of protein powder (I often have several on the go in my house-of-protein), to make a lovely porridge-protein (nicknamed, pro-oats).

If I’m adding a protein powder that’s around 15g protein then I’ll mix in the Naturya for a super 30g total. Or I’ll top up a 20/25g protein powder with a tablespoon or two of Naturya.


I noticed a few serving tips on the side of the Plant Superprotein tubs, including adding to a hot drink, so I gave that a go and loved it. Both Cacao Maca and Banana Baobab gave my afternoon decaf coffee an interesting twist so that’s definitely one I’d recommend trying.

I’ll often have a protein drink before bed (for overnight muscle recovery) or late afternoon (to see me through til dinner) and have mixed these up on their own (with hot or cold water) for a quick drink. Note on the flavour: I found the sweetness a bit too subtle so I’ve been adding a drop of flavour enhancer (currently using Healthspan Elite).

Naturya’s green and eco credentials

Not just a pretty taste, Naturya takes sustainability and the environment seriously, too. Here’s a snapshot of some of the brand’s notable eco credentials:

  • All products are vegan
  • Products are Soil Association certified – “ingredients have been grown in a way that is better for people and wildlife, and respects the natural environment.”
  • “Organic farming and food involves rigorous, independent inspection and certification. Organic farming uses no artificial fertilisers and creates healthy, living soils that store around 25% more carbon than conventional farmland. Organic foods are GMO free and do not contain artificial colours or preservatives.”
  • The cocoa used is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. “Fairtrade certification protects farmers’ and workers’ human rights, including safety, and ensures they are paid fairly for their work and their produce.”


Clever ingredient combinations, versatile and super easy to use and they make my breakfasts and snacks so much more interesting. They also mix in really well, without the need for a blender (my ultimate litmus test) so I can literally add spoonfuls to a bowl of porridge without any lumps or powder bubbles.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Naturya Functional Blends, £11.99 for 250g
Naturya Plant Proteins, £11.99 for 210g

Next on my must-try list, is the new cacao and nut spreads – omg – they look amazing!


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