Review: Bol Foods Launches New Power Shakes

One of my favourite supermarket food brands Bol Foods has launched a new and exciting product: breakfast and lunch shakes. 😋

Back in office life, if I didn’t prepare my lunch, Bol Foods was my go-to lunchtime buy (usually Sri Lankan Cauli-Coconut Sambar Veg Pot, with my own tofu on the side), so I was excited to receive a sneak peek at the new Power Shakes: six varieties of nutrient-rich, protein shakes that are full of fruits, veg and protein.

Meet the new crew from Bol Foods:

The new Bol Foods Power Shakes are ‘nutritionally complete’ with 26 vitamins and minerals, come in glass jars so are fully recyclable or reusable – I washed a couple of mine out and have been using them for drinking water from at home #toptip.

They contain between 11g and 20g or protein, depending on the flavour you choose and I feel like they’ve covered all flavour bases for different tastes, from chocolatey and sweet to fruity and even a turmeric inspired one.

My faves were the Chocolate, Orange and Hazelnut with 20g of protein (obvs the one with the highest protein was my fave!), followed by Coconut Almond and Chai Spice and Coffee, Banana and Cinnamon.

As well as the flavour combos, I also rate the price. I was expecting them to be around £5-6 each but at £3.50 a bottle (or £3.15 if you buy six from, it was a pleasant surprise and a total win.

They’re stocked at Sainbury’s (and WHSmith from January) so when you’re out and about again, it’s good to know there’s something nutritious to grab on the go. Not everyone wants a snack bar and snack bars don’t often contain all the useful macro and micro nutrients, so these would win for me, hands down.

Any downsides?

If you need to travel light then the glass jar might be a bit heavy but if you’re drinking at home then that might not be a problem. The glass is sturdy and actually adds to the feeling of a top quality product.

I also didn’t feel like the breakfast and lunch labelling was necessary as it felt too prescriptive. I had them all for breakfast/ mid-morning including the Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric and Chocolate, Orange & Toasted Hazelnut, which are both labelled Power Lunch so I was curious why they couldn’t be left open for people to choose (maybe there’s a consumer marketing need behind that?).

Bol Foods’ Sustainability Efforts

When I spoke to Bol Foods I discovered quite a few sustainability initiatives so here’s a brief overview on what the company is up to, from founder and CEO, Paul Brown:

🌱 “Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to enjoy eating more plants.”

🌱 “Our team is currently working on reducing our plastic usage. Our glass bottles are a great start with that. Our Dinner Boxes are 95% plastic free, made from Bagasse packaging which is compostable.”

🌱 “We encourage people to upcycle our Veg Pots, Salad jars and Soup jars, which so many people already do.”

🌱 “In 2019 we launched the BOL forest which offsets all team BOL’s personal and professional carbon footprint 🙌”

If you get a chance to try Bol Foods Power Shakes, let me know what flavour! Find me on Instagram at @YanarFitness


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