Vegan Heart Biscuits with Yacon-Coated Cacao Nibs Topping

Cuteness alert: I made these heart-shaped vegan biscuits a few months ago so sharing now for Valentine’s Day weekend in case anyone is searching for something cute and delicious to make – try these! As I don’t think we need a dedicated day to show our love, these would make a loving treat any time of year.

I used this very simple vegan biscuits recipe from BBC Food and added my own melted chocolate and Yacon Cacao Nibs toppings by YaconViva, kindly sent to me to try. They turned out so well, with a perfect biscuit texture and the sprinkling of the yacon-coated cacao nibs make them look extra pretty I think.

I found the heart shaped cookie cutters on Etsy – from a lovely seller at a very reasonable price – and the pack contained four slightly different heart shapes and made from PLA plastic that’s biodegradable. All the wins.

What is Yacon and what are yacon-coated cacao nibs?

Yacon is a Peruvian plant found in the Andean highlands that contains a naturally sweet syrup. This sugary syrup is interesting as it has a low Glycemic Index, which can be helpful for a diabetic diet.

YaconViva explains a bit more about this:

The sweetness comes from Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which taste sweet like sugar but pass through the body undigested like fibre. Yacon Syrup is also highly prebiotic and rich in potassium.


The YaconViva! Organic Cacao Nibs Sweetened with Yacon (£8.99 for 300g) have been sweetened with the yacon syrup and nothing else. Instead of a hard crunch, the coating makes the nibs easier and more enjoyable to chew.

I’ve been using the nibs as a topping for my protein porridge oats and not only do they give that all important crunch with every bite but a bit of healthy indulgence for breakfast too. The nibs didn’t last long to be honest as they were so scrummy, even just to snack on, so sadly I’ve come to the end of the pack too quickly!

YaconViva also does a syrup – YaconViva! Organic Yacon Syrup – which I’ve been using in a few different ways: drizzled onto a yogurt bowl with nuts, soaked chia seeds and fruits, in baking as a substitute for maple syrup.

The yacon syrup tastes so good – not as harsh as the sweet hit you get with maple or agave syrup but slightly softer and with a caramel-like edge. If it’s easier on the digestion as they say, then it would also offer a great pre-workout energy hit.

Ingredients: Organic cacao nibs, organic yacon syrup

Giving these vegan biscuits a go or have another idea for using the yacon-coated nibs? Let me know! Find me on Instagram @YanarFitness

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