Here are some products I’ve reviewed, use and recommend. Sometimes there’s a discount to my readers (good news for you) and a small affiliate kickback for me. Feel free to share any discount codes and tag me on Instagram @yanarfitness if you want to share news of your purchases ☺️

beezero waste eco food wraps

Bee Zero Waste Eco Food Wraps

Vegan and beeswax reusable food wraps from Discount: 15% when you sign up to the newsletter. Read my review here.

Pull-up Bar

If you follow me on Instagram, this is the pullup bar I use. It attaches to the other side of a door frame (nor horizontally) and there are no middle bars so you can be flexible with the width of your grip, and it’s foldable. Highly recommended!

Truth Origins Liquid Curcumin

Liquid nutritional supplements for optimum wellness. Discount: 10% off when you use code YANAR10. Read my review here.

Hytro Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Top

Read my lowdown on BFR training here and get 20% off Hytro BFR performance apparel with code YANAR20 at


Morocco Method Shampoo Bar

Haircare using natural ingredients. Discount: 15% off all products when you use code YANAR on the US site. Also available at

Massage Gun

When I decided to buy a massage gun to aid my recovery after workouts, I read countless reviews, views and opinions. I finally settled on this budget massage gun that’s under £50, has eight different massage heads and 20 speeds. It works brilliantly and would recommend it if you don’t want an expensive branded one.

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