Winter beauty alchemy

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

The February freeze keeps coming and going and with it goes the integrity of our skin. So it’s another chance to share the winter beauty alchemy I’ve been swearing by this winter – the mix of lotions and potions that have saved my skin and kept it super soft and strong.

This has been my morning routine every day for the past few months:

1. Add a few drops of facial oil to face moisturiser.

My oil of choice at the moment is Maggie Brown’s Yin 1 (rose oil) perfect for winter as it strengthens skin’s barrier against the cold and plumps it up with nourishing essential fatty acids.  I’ve been mixing this with Origins Make A Difference Cream which is a hydrating gel-like cream.

2. Add a few pumps of body oil to body moisturiser.

I’ve been using two or three pumps of  Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Body Oil muddled with Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion, all over my body from neck to toes. It’s a luscious mixture that I can’t get enough of. I love both products on their own (and would be perfect for spring) but together they make cold mornings worth getting out the shower for.

Finally, a great quote from Geraldine Howard, founder of Aromatherapy Associates on why essential oils carry so many skin benefits which is so apt for this time of year:

“Essential oils are made up of very small molecules and therefore able to penetrate into the bloodstream and optimise the cell renewal process. The skin absorbs oil-soluble substances more easily than water soluble ones, so as essential oils are oil soluble, when diluted with a plant or vegetable carrier oil (most are too potent to apply directly to the skin), they travel through the epidermis, into the dermis, delivering results deeper down than products that do not contain essential oils.”

So get some oil into your beauty regime and you’ll welcome spring with better skin. What beauty concoctions do you swear by?



Nearly every beauty editor under the sun raves about this product and celebrities always tell us it’s their favourite item to travel with. Experts always hail it as their hero product too. And this week it’s been my mind, body and soul saviour. It sorted out an over-worked mushy mind on Monday night and revived a flagging spirit on Wednesday. Of course, it’s the ever-classic Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil.

Aromatherapy Associated LITTLE STAR

As you can see this is the Christmas version (out later in the year) as the box is usually blue. The full size is a bit pricey but this smaller version is cheaper – I recommend getting it and keeping it for emergency, luxury moments. The essential oils seep into your senses and then linger on your skin until the morning. Pure. Bliss. (Thanks Imagination PR for sending it just in time for a hectic week!)

New spa opens in the heart of central London

W London Leicester Square Away SpaLast week, after dodging through Chinatown’s people-heavy streets, late and stressed, I got whisked upstairs to the sixth floor of the newest hotel in town – W London Leicester Square. The hotel’s dark and minimalist hallways and corridors are a complete opposite to the spa: bright white and slightly futuristic. Flushed lacquer furnishings, fringe curtains, a sleek central lounge area and staff (also in white) speaking in whisper-like tones.

The atmosphere is definitely serene which is exactly what was intended. The treatment menu tends to the needs of tired (or partied-out) travellers – facials and body treatments by Ren and Aromatherapy Associates with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind.

I had the Away Facial which was shortened slightly (because I was late, of course) but I still managed to walk out with younger-feeling skin – the fruit enzymes in the Ren products are excellent at smoothing skin without the use of exfoliating granules or beads.

Ren Omega 3 Night Repair Serum

In the goodie bag was my now-favourite product – Ren Omega 3 Night Repair Serum. It’s a lightweight serum that is meant to help skin repair overnight but I can’t resist its gorgeousness with a light and zingy lemon scent, so I’ve been slathering it on morning and night and some of the day in between too. I’m sure Ren won’t mind will they?!