The Story of Stuff


‘This is a story about a world obsessed with stuff. It’s a story about a system in crisis. We’re trashing the planet, we’re trashing each other, and we’re not even having fun…’

This is the video and these are the words that made me launch my blog and today, ‘The Story of Stuff’ is one year old. Happy Birthday! It’s a brilliant animation that calls for the beauty industry to give itself a makeover as there’s currently no regulation over what ingredients beauty companies can or can’t put in their products, acting in effect as their own regulators – shocking really.

For the last 12 months, the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics has been calling for the FDA (Food and Drug Agency in the US) to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act 2010 which would ensure products are free from harmful ingredients, known carcinogenics and that all ingredients are disclosed.

The bottom line is we want to avoid the cocktail of chemicals beauty companies indiscriminately load up in their skincare, especially for teenagers and children.

People often ask if certain products, such as fake tan, are bad. Of course they’re not bad for you as a one hit wonder. But if you’re a teenager slathering on DHA and chemical-filled products every single day for years and years, I can’t imagine that’s good for you either. Who knows what the accumulative effect is? Along with all the other pollutors we’re exposed to daily such as the pesticides on our food, it’s this accumulative toxic exposure that’s a concern. Watch the video pass it on!

The Story of Stuff – a must-see

This is the first brilliant thing I’ve seen in a long time – THE STORY OF STUFF

It’s a series of comic animation videos depicting how our world has turned into a toxic wasteland. It’s gone viral and it’s just brilliant.

After so many people in so many ways (including myself) having talked and written about harsh chemicals threatening our health and environment, this one wins hands down.

Watch it and pass it on!