7 Foods (and Lots of Tips) to Help You Nail Veganuary

whole foods market veganuary

If you are one of the 250,000 or more people expected to pass on the cheese and meat and take up a vegan diet this January – AKA Veganuary – then this post is for you. It’s also for you if you’ve been leaning towards plant-based eating and cooking for a while, but still need some extra inspo to make it work long term.

I’ve teamed up with Whole Foods Market to share my pick of vegan foodie products to help you have a successful Veganuary (and hopefully, beyond). From meat-free alternatives such as tofu and tempeh, vegan baking essentials, natural sauces and condiments (including vegan mayo!) to sweet treats and snacks, I’ve cherry-picked my faves below.

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Stocking filler #4 Chocolate

Eden Project Chocolate with Baobab

I know I’m cutting it fine with Christmas present ideas so close to the festive wire but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Continuing the foodie theme for alternative Christmas giving, I’d say, with most people, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate, like tea, has exploded with boutique, artisan and niche varieties enticing everyone to buy, try and eat more of this delicious food – like tea, chocolate is another foodie joy of mine.

Two new chocolate brands I’ve tried and loved recently, which you should check out if you can, are:

The Eden Project Chocolate with Baobab

Eden Project Chocolate with Baobab

Handmade in Cornwall, fairly traded cocoa and featuring that superfood buzz word, Baobab, I took one look at this chocolate and knew I’d love it. I’ve recently been sprinkling the super powder Baobab, produced from the formidable African baobab tree, on my porridge, in smoothies and juices as it’s super high in vitamin C and a great immune booster. This chocolate range is thick and chunky and the flavours strong and vivid. Cool combinations such as Baobab and Watermelon or Vanilla and Baobab along with colourful, illustrated packaging makes this a great gift. Plus Eden Project is an inspiration in environmental, ethical and socially responsible thinking so it’s a great place to shop and support. The chocolates are priced at a very reasonable £2.50 at edenproject.com.

IQ Superfood Chocolate 

IQ Chocolate - Stocking Filler #4 on Brighter Shade of Green

While the Baobab chocolate bar above is thick and chunky, this IQ bar is thin and snappy and equally full of flavour. Using natural, organic, ethically sourced and pure Criollo beans from Peru (I’m told this is a very sought after bean), there is no heat applied (no roasting or baking as most beans are) instead they are fermented at source then transported to Scotland. This makes it a great choice for raw foodies. It’s also blended with coconut blossom nectar (what a lovely sounding ingredient!) for natural sweetness as well as other ingredients to make interesting combinations such as Orange and Wild Raspberry, Plush Peppermint and Lusciously Lovely Lime; my favourite was the Espresso Kick Chocolate.

I tried this chocolate as part of my Raw Food Diet Challenge for Healthista.com and loved it – it was light enough for my 7-day clean diet and flavoursome enough to feel like I was getting a good hit of chocolate. Priced at £2.99 and available from retailers listed on the IQ website (which is fab by the way with cute illustrations to depict their story) or on their Facebook page.

Happy choco-holidays!