NEW: Eco and Sustainable Dental Care

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Did you know that toothbrushes fail to reach 40% of your tooth area, which is why dentists recommend using interdental cleaning. But… have you noticed how much plastic is used in interdental cleaning products?

I’ve recently been looking for more green and sustainable dental products but they seem hard to find in mainstream or high street supermarkets. Plastic is heavily used in products like toothbrushes, toothpaste and flossing sticks so when DenTek coincidentally got in touch to share news of its new environmentally-friendly interdental range, I was pretty excited. I then partnered with the brand for this post to showcase the products, which I hope you’ll find interesting too.

The entire single-use plastic range has been overhauled and remade using more sustainably-sourced materials. Plus, all outer packaging across the eco range will be 100% recyclable. Here’s more about each newly-designed product.

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