Dr Hauschka Shower Cream now comes in packaging made from recycled plastic milk bottles

dr hauschka shower cream recycled packaging

This new Dr Hauschka Shower Cream comes in innovative sustainable packaging, made from PCR (post-consumer recycled) material, which includes plastic milk bottles. This apparently has saved over 65% of raw oil normally used to make conventional plastic tubes.

The shower cream has a gorgeously soft, creamy texture and an instantly uplifting lemon and lemongrass scent (developed by an in-house perfumer).  I’ve been told the shower cream can also double up as a facial cleanser as it has anti-microbial properties. A pea-sized amount is all you need.

Here’s a mini Q&A with Tara O’Rourke, Dr. Hauschka’s brand trainer and expert who explains more about the recycled packaging and Dr Hauschka’s approach to sustainability:

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On my bedside table…

dr-hauschka-facial-toner-dry skin-brightershadeofgreen

dr-hauschka-facial-toner-dry skin-brightershadeofgreen

I’m a massive fan of facial oils but facial waters – also known as toners or floral waters – come a definite second. They might seem frivolous and non-essential but let me tell you, they are more than that. Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner currently has a top slot on my bedside table and it’s making me smile, a lot.

Not only does it freshen, refresh and hydrate my skin – as and when I need it – it’s also great at enlivening my senses if I wake up groggy, go to bed late or feel hungover. Just one, two or three spritzes and suddenly everything feels ok again!

This small 30ml bottle comes part of a travel cleansing kit but it’s the only item that stole my attention. As well as being a natural, plant-based herbal water, the mist is light and perfectly even as it sprays from the nozzle into the air – that’s actually the secret key to a great facial spritz: too sharp and it’s like a squirt in the eye, too weak and it just tickles the face. It has to spray widely and evenly.

Choose your toner or floral water wisely and you can find one that hydrates skin, soothes dryness, calms irritation and even balance oily skin. I usually have several on the go – on my desk at work, in travel bags and always on a flight. And if I’m not using it for a genuine beauty moment, it’s simply lovely to punctuate the air during an otherwise mundane moment.

Dr.Hauschka at London Fashion Week

Dr.Hauschka by Lucia Pica at Louise Amstrup at London Fashion Week Dr.Hauschka by Lucia Pica at Louise Amstrup at London Fashion Week

It was great to see Dr.Hauschka make-up used for the Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 11 show last week at London Fashion Week. And it was a strong, edgy look too. Make-up artist Lucia Pica got creative with the products and produced the looks you can see above.

For the slick smoky eye, she mixed Eyeliner Pencils (different shades) with the Stone Colour Eye Palette. Then to get the high gloss effect she mixed and applied the Lip Care Stick, Lip Balm and Body Oils. Amazing!

For the lips it was a simple cleanse, concealer and translucent powder. And for a soft wash of colour on the cheeks she dabbed a couple of the lipsticks (03 ad 09) and blended them in. Apparently she loved the consistency of the products which were versatile to use in these different ways.

I’m really impressed Lucia experimented with the Dr.Hauschka make-up proving natural make-up can be used creatively and to striking effect. Let me know what you think?