Dr. Jart+ BB Creams

Dr Jart BB Cream

A quick post to reveal that Project X which I told you about a few weeks ago has been revealed – it’s Korea’s favourite BB Cream brand, Dr. Jart+. These four beauty balms are now available at Boots stores nationwide. If you don’t know what a BB cream is yet, read my round-up on Cosmopolitan.co.uk to give you a quick flavour.

Dr Jart BB Cream

From Dr. Jart+ there are four varieties to choose from with different ingredients to target different skin needs. Choose one for ageing and mature, sensitive and red-prone skin, combination and oil-control or blemished.

One of the most interesting ingredients is snail secretion – yes, snail slime – which the 21 dermatologists behind the brand say is good for hydration and moisturisation. They also say it’s a good anti-inflammatory. We’ve had some literature through to explain how the snails are ‘not harmed or killed’ during the farming process for their covetable slime. Phew.

The products are also free from talc, artificial fragrance and alcohol making them ideal for sensitive skins.

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