How to Grow Avocado Plants

how to grow avocado plants
Avocado plants in bloom – the tall ones in the centre of the pic

Clearing out some old pictures I found this one of my old avocado plants. Taken over two years ago just before I moved from my old house, I remember snapping a pic as they were in full bloom and feeling so sad to be leaving them, my avocado babies.

It’s not the best pic but if you ignore the spider plants on the left and right, the avocado plants are against the wall and one tall one in the window.

They were my babies, all planted from real avocado stones. They love to grow long, tall and fairly quickly. Unlike native avocado plants, which are like big trees, these are slightly gangly with tall, thin stalks and floppy leaves.

Give it a go – after eating your avocado, pop the stone into a pot of soil and see what happens. First a little shoot and before long, hopefully, you’ll have an avocado baby of your own.

(Funnily enough just found a post on this already, had completely forgotten I’d written! Oh well, two posts on this amazing plant)

How to grow beautiful avocado plants

how to grow avocado plants

I’d like you to meet these beautiful avocado plants, grown straight from avocado stones. They are the slightly tall and lanky plants on the windowsill and growing fast, high and tall against the wall. I eat a lot of avocados so we decided to see what happens if you just popped the stone in soil. Voila. A plant. We had a bit of a farm going at one point (I think I counted 11 one time) and while they’re unlikely to grow into big trees to fruit, they still look great and very special to watch grow as we never expected it to work.

This is the last day in my lovely flat so I wanted to show them off before I leave.  Try it! Eat, plant and grow.