Grow a postcarden

My postcarden

My postcarden

Take a look at my postcarden! No, it’s not a typo, but a quirky little design ornament I got as a present from a friend. I’ve just added to my windowsill and looking forward to seeing it grow…

So it’s a ‘postcard’ with a pop-up cardboard cityscape that will eventually have patches of greenery growing in between (you can just about see the seeds in the gaps). Isn’t it cute?!

I found out the creator, Aimee Furnival (A Studio for Design), is strangely a friend of a friend who came up with the idea a few years ago (how small the world is!). Her creation uses vegetable based inks, 100 recyclable paper and she encourages you to compost everything once you’ve finished with it.

I’m looking forward to reporting back in a few weeks time with my city ‘carden’ in full bloom! Check out pics of others on – I think they make great gifts!