Recycle your old running shoes at Runners Need stores

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What do you do with your old running shoes? I’ve definitely done a Google search or two over the years for ways to recycle my old trainers, but usually end up taking them to the charity shop. Although I’ve also found community groups who take good quality sports kit and donate it to disadvantaged groups.


Now Runners Need, the specialist running shoe store, has re-launched ‘Recycle my Run’ initiative to give you £20 off your next pair of trainers if you bring in your old running shoes into store before 7th March 2019. In 2018, this same campaign led to 7575 trainers being recycled. How cool is that?

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In My Wardrobe: New Veja Trainers

New trainers! Veja trainers. After years of following the brand, I’ve finally got round to buying a pair. For me, Veja is a brand with the most amazing ethos and commitment to everything related to making a product: the environment, ecology, fair trade, workers and style.

Veja trainers Aida Shoreditch

The soles are made from Amazonian rubber trees (instead of usual petroleum-derived rubber) and help to provide an income for 60 Amazonian families as well as provide an incentive to keep trees up and not deforest.

I love the transparency in the who, where, what and why of Veja shoe-making – check out the video below to see more about how the shoes are made, and the brand’s inspiring commitment to workers and sustainable materials.

By doing things differently they can attempt to distance themselves from worker exploitatio and environmental degradation which is sadly the usual result of most things we produce and consume. Instead, I feel like there’s a lot of respect for people and the land, and that’s my kind of brand.  Read more about Veja materials and projects here

If you’re due a new pair of trainers, and want a decent alternative to the usual suspects, Nike et al, then check out the endless number of Veja stylesAnd if, like me, you try to minimise consumption of leather and animal materials, then many are almost vegan. Some are totally non-leather, others have some or very little. I believe mine (above) have a little bit in the V cut-out. Although I would have preferred a totally non-leather pair, from what I’ve read, Veja leather is said to be eco-tanned without chromium (a lingering pollutant) and with knowledge of the source and living conditions of cattle.

Check out the online Veja store (they ship to UK from France) as well as a few boutiques around London. I bought mine up from the gorgeous Aida in Shoreditch for £75.

Let me know if you have a pair, buy a pair or love them as much as I do. @YanarBeauty

PS – this is NOT a sponsored post. Just genuine love for a decent brand! x

The Autumn-Winter collection by Veja

The slow but certain rise of ecological sneaker brand Veja is always on my radar. If you’re passionate about where and how your trainers are made then Veja is what you should be wearing. Here’s a sneak peak of new products ready to hit stores in the coming months.

Chemical-free treated leather in the new Winter '11 collection by Veja

Yummy bags made with naturally dyed suede by Veja

Having written about its French-Brazilian story several times for fashion pages, I find their commitment to style and sustainability eye-opening: Rubber sourced from wild Amazonian trees to fight deforestation, a respect for human rights, organic cotton, and leather tanning processes without the heavy chemicals.

The suede – in the bags pictured above – is tanned naturally and the leather is now tanned without chrome – a hugely polluting process that is currently causing India serious waste problems.

 The classic Veja styleAbove is the classic Veja style in new colours for summer. If like me, you don’t like to buy first hand leather (my vegetarian roots) this is the style of choice – 100% cotton and rubber sole.

350 families in North East Brazil are supported by the Veja’s commitment to organic cotton growing. The rubber soles are sourced from the Amazonian forest  (the only place in the world where rubber trees grow in the wild) by a cooperative who harvest the latex sap from the trees and turn it into rubber sheets without the need for industrial processes. This in turn gives them a higher wage too.

Artwork of the Veja rubber tappers in the Amazon

Veja has also opened a new concept store in Paris called Centre Commercial where the world of fashion, art, sustainability and style collide.

Check out more of the Veja story at