Why I Fell in Love with Vintage and Secondhand Fashion

I remember clearly when I first noticed the charm of vintage and secondhand fashion.

It was the early 2000s and my younger sister was just out of university, totally rocking a cool secondhand wardrobe. She was often dressed in a Fifties-style printed blouse tucked into high-waisted swing skirt, cropped cardi and cute vintage heels. I loved how she pieced everything together, and I took note.

For the rest of that decade I developed my own hobby (read: obsession) for vintage and secondhand fashion, which then extended to furniture, fabrics and homeware. While high street and fast-fashion was taking off in a big way during the 2000s, I was scouring secondhand shops for granny-chic pleated skirts and 80s t-shirts.

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Are you ready to ski again?

Ski pants are back!

Ski pants are back! favourite bag

Ski pants are back?! Surely not. Oh yes they are. I saw this wonderful pair in the shop window of my local vintage shop – the brilliant Paper Dress on Curtain Road in Londres – and after walking past them for a few weeks, guess what? Yep, I had to have them. They’re mine now and they look fab!

Worn with a black top tucked in, platform boots, a short jacket and my current favourite handbag (a gorgeous old Italian number featured above) it’s a recipe for love. And luckily I don’t even feel eight years old.

Go on, I think you should try a pair :)

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