Stocking filler #5 Fragrance

Yardley Polaire fragrance

Buying fragrance is like buying a pair of jeans – an almost impossible quest for the perfect fit (which is why experts advise selecting scents for different moods or occasions rather than ‘the one’ to fit all). If you want to steer clear of big-name or over-powering perfumes, as a gift for another (or for yourself), Yardley Polaire fits the bill.

I’m very particular about the perfumes I have in my life and YP has been on my desk at work, in my handbag and generally used for relaxed, daytime spritzing since its launch earlier this year because it’s so easy to wear. Light enough to spray liberally but with a touch of soft spice to make it slightly interesting, it’s surprisingly unoffensive for a high street perfume.

Yardley Polaire fragrance

The ad campaign (above) was impressive too – vintage inspired and a lot more directional and stylish than other Yardley comms I’ve seen; practically unrecognisable as the traditional Yardley we know.

I’ve also just spotted a bit of a sale at Yardley online so I think you can snap up Polaire for a very festive price.

Happy spritzing; happy holidays. x