Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, and #WorldVegetarianDay


Gemma Correll
Yesterday I read Industrial Farming is One of the Worst Crimes in History, an article by Yuval Noa Harari, and had to write this. Especially apt as it’s World Vegetarian Day…

The points he made are some of the reasons I became a vegetarian at 9 years old – not because of some new found fad or even environmental or health movement, but because it dawned on me so quickly there was something inherently wrong, morally and ethically, with the way we eat meat. I then discovered the dairy industry was just as guilty as the meat industry of inhumane, intensive farming so I stopped eating dairy about ten years ago. Best thing I ever did!

The pressure to change farming methods to take into account what sentient creatures go through, has grown gradually since Peter Singer wrote Animal Liberation 40 years ago (a must read for anyone interested in this subject. While you’re there, check out his other book, Writings on an Ethical Life) and now, finally, kinder, more conscientious farming, including organic, is on people’s radars…..

BUT at the same time hideous, mass, intensive farming is the norm (see US and China.. and coming to the UK soon!). Read Farmageddon, the true cost of cheap meat. 

I have no idea what the solution is because the richer people get the more meat they demand and sadly, most humans in power really don’t care about how mass livestock lives or dies. I guess the only thing left is for people to keep demanding more humane ways to farm, and maybe we’ll keep seeing small increments of change over years to come.

AND as a side, even if you don’t care about the animals, you might care about what you eat, especially if you’re a meat-lover. And the better an animal’s life, the better the quality of meat, so win-win for all.

I’ll leave you with my very favourite illustration/cartoon (above): Who invited the herbivore, by Gemma Correll. Happy World Vegetarian Day! 


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