Hangover Cure #4 Malin+Goetz Candle

Malin+Goetz Geranium Leaf candle

If your hangover is making you feel blue then a soothing sensory experience may help – today it’s thanks to Malin+Goetz Geranium Leaf candle that I’m finally starting to perk up.

I feel like this candle lifts me every time I burn it and after just half an hour of burning, the room is heady with its scent, it’s incredible. Geranium leaf is meant to calm and balance the senses – exactly what I need right now.

The writing on the glass jar says 16% eau de toilette scented candle – that’s why it’s so powerful. The description details top notes of green apple and cyclamen, middle notes of geranium and coriander, and bottom notes of musk.

The candle is made from an earth-friendly, natural blend of beeswax, vegetable wax and soy wax which proves you don’t necessarily need paraffin wax to make a high quality fragrance candle.

One last thing – I’m now down to the last few cms of wax on this candle but I’ve had it since September and burn it regularly so even though it retails at £37 (available from Zuneta) you get a lot of burning time – and pleasure – for your money.



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